Meet Rick

Inspired by nature itself

I believe that it is only once we’re in nature that we can truly appreciate the beauty and meaning of life itself.

First of all, I believe that being a nature photographer is a privilege.  In nature every plant, tree, flower, insect, every single living organism “fits”. From the microscopic through to the largest mammal, all have a purpose. Every organism has a reason for “being.”  This is the world that makes sense to me.  It is a world I can appreciate for all its beauty.  A world that for some reason makes me feel “whole.”

I started as a field guide many years ago. Why did I want to become a guide? This was the first question my soon to become employer asked me. The answer was simple…. For me to become the best person I can be, I need to be out in nature.

It was, and always will be, that simple.

Wild Artistic is not about taking photographs.  It is about appreciating everything in nature, a celebration of our natural world.  At least to me, it is.  I may not be the greatest nature photographer out there, but I am right up there with the most passionate.

I was born in France and raised in Africa.  As a result, I have been exposed to the intricacies and beauty of the natural world from an early age.  As a photographer, I have had the privilege to work in some of the most beautiful wilderness locations in Africa. When surrounded by beauty, inspiration is never in short supply.

My wife and I lived with a zebra named Gilbert.  We also shared a bed with a troop of banded mongoose. We raised a  trio of warthogs, a pair of ostriches, and a host of birds and reptiles over the years.

These days we call Australia home.  Carolyn and I share a home in the remote region of Tasmania’s Diddleum Plains along with our six dogs and eight cats

Close Calls.....

My love of nature has also landed me in hot water on a  few occasions.  Most notably the time a black mamba bit me while trying to remove it from someone’s home.  I was rushed to a hospital and treated with anti-venom.

Fortunately, both the Mamba and I survived to tell the story. Two days later, I was able to relocate the snake back to the bush where it belonged. Throw a few elephant, lion, and hippo charges in for good measure and you realise what an incredible life a wildlife photographer gets to experience.


About rick Budai - Rick sitting next to his bicycle whilst on his 3500km breast cancer awareness cycle tour
To raise awareness of breast cancer, I undertook a 3500km cycle tour around South Africa.
A journey that took me and my best friend, Dave (who comfortably drove the support vehicle) a little over a month to complete.

Couldn’t have chosen a worse time of year to undertake the journey.  We had torrential rain, snow, cold, and 120km/h winds to contend with

Dave took this photo on one of only six days where the sun decided to make a brief appearance.  The fact that it was that tough made it all the more memorable, although I must confess I uttered a few choice words on more than one occasion.

photo of wild artistic photographer sitting by a lake

After a long day’s ride, time to chill.